tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2012

time of peace

Writing this text for a second time. I finally got computer back, so I can post normally and process photos from camera. Now is Christmas, great time for relaxing, eating and spending time with relatives. It is also great time to look back to moments lived through last weeks. I had marvellous time with my friends. We organised a wonderful surprise birthday party in a country house for the whole weekend.
Only one week left to think about new year resolutions, but not today :D
Here are photos from my phone and hopefully next time there will also be photos from camera
Merry Xmas <3

I like my view sometimes

xmas table

xmas cake

xmas presents

home alone


camera says 666

home made with friends

heart brings light 



keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2012

mama came home

My mum paid a visit to me and we had a tight schedule, although she stayed for a week with me. She is my soulmate, at least in loving indian food :D We went 2 times to eat lunch at New Swagath and one time we used a giftcard at Gopal.
Restaurant Gopal turned 15 this year and they arranged a photo competition with a prize - a giftcard for 2 lunches. During my first visit I took some pictures and decided to take a chance in it. It was such a nice surprise in the morning to get an e-mail telling I'm the winner. I knew my mum was coming, so decided to use it with her.
We also went several times to second hand shops, visited my brother, and just stayed at home. On Saturday there was a Restaurant Day and we went through at least 6 pop up restaurants. We tried nepalese food and dutch waffles; listened beatles while eating feta/spinach pie; ate raw chocolate, cupcakes and oven chevre/beetroot potato; drank glögi and watched movies with chaplin. I also gave an interview about a restaurant day :D This time we visited more place and ate much more food.
Mum and I watched The Notebook. It was 3rd time for me and mum's first. It is still very beautiful, romantic and great movie to cry over :)
It was great to have mum. She is very supportive, caring and loving <3

I have good friends :P

winner's photo

food at New Swagath

Vegekahvila Chaplin, RD
tampere from above, RD

at Gopal

Dress - Zara Kids :)

tortilla <3

oven potatoes from window, RD

cream soup by mum

nepalese food, RD

2 sisters

Beatles ja piirakkaa, RD
salty and sweet cupcakes, RD

christmas time  opening parade...

maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

2 years 10 months 12 days

Living hard times. Still can't believe it's over. There is no we anymore, only in my heart. I keep on breathing, eating, watching movies, seeing friends (without them I would have been down for longer time). I'm ok, not great, but this time I'm stronger and I have faith. I've just learned not to reject your beloved and close people. They are important and you can't just go on the street and ask someone to be your best friend straight away. Well, 2 tough weeks and life goes on:) I have not been doing much all this time, but here are some things:

shopping therapy

catching sun

trying to do a tofu steak :)

cooking for myself. tofu+carrot+potato

waking up a night. one moon, one star

drinking herb tea. nice gift 

witnessing opening and last day of this exhibition. photo by nikita matilda

walking in a new neighborhood

maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

not diamonds, friends are forever!

Since last Saturday, I had great moments that I shared with my beloved friends. Some studying, a little shopping. I have finally visited a vegetarian restaurant in Tampere named Gopal. I had already a quick step by, but not for eating and since that day I wanted to come and enjoy food properly with no hurrying. I liked the place and food. They have an indian style food buffet and you pay for the weight of your meal. I was pretty hungry and wanted to try everything, even a little bit, so i paid around 12 euros as 100g is 1.84€. It is not so much, but for me it is a little expensive. Quality and taste of food is great, so it was a good after second hand shop lunch :)
Last Saturday I visited my friends in their new apartment. We prepared some food together and had great time together eating, laughing and talking.
This whole weekend we spent only in girls company with dancing, eating, preparing surprises, baking cake, laughing a lot, not sleeping well and just having fun. I did not even realise how much i missed having fun, taking care of each other, worrying, supporting and enjoying life. Female friendship exists and is wonderful. I'm very happy since long time and will cherish my friends and try to keep them happy all the time.
Some pictures from last week
english for tourism, school...

morning bus

shadows, home

somebody is getting older

seriously? green leaves on snow?
don't like to cook for myself, but sometimes...

on the way from school
just perfect carrot cake from armas maitokauppa 
art in tamk
I brought some vege stuff, which my friends kindly called hippie shit, but the liked it :D 

great tasty food in gopal

warm and colourful