tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

I said hey

I spent two days with this cute monster. He is seven months old now, very gamesome and likes to steal and eat everything, so had to hide all my stuff in a bathroom. One day we spent two wonderful hours in a park, as the weather was great, no people, not so many cars. We played and relaxed. All in all it was great experience. Next time I'm gonna spend five days with him, yaiks :)




I really like to cook and try different recipes. Usually it's just improvising with what I have in the fridge. After I tried vegetable puree soups, they appear quite often in my menu. They are very tasty and easy to do. The best addition to the soup is grated smoked cheese. 


Well, I just love flowers :)


When I'm deciding what to wear, it's always a mess, as it's a long process of trying and matching. I really like the combination of red and navy blue.


We celebrated birthday, once again :D In our family we all have birthdays in summer.


Positive cake :)


Liquid glitter eyeliner, bought with the last money :D


lauantai 21. syyskuuta 2013


Some more photos from Russia. I always come so inspired from there. I don't know why, but atmosphere and spirit and everything is different, than in Finland. It's not that living in Finland is boring, stressful or lonely, but you should get away sometimes. For now, I have a very strong desire to go somewhere. Although it's not possible to go to Bali or Thailand in the near future, I search for villas, apartments and hotels where I could stay. It's like a hobby for me or something. I can spend hours for searching something, I should start doing something with it :D

we made vegetable puree soup with mum at least 3 times

view on Petrozavodsk from my friend's balcony

out with mum

mini coke

my mum moved and there is renovation going on, so we had a "photoshoot" :D

celebrated friend's birthday :)

torstai 19. syyskuuta 2013


I have too much pictures! I have 20gb of photos on my phone so had to remove some in order to update it. Although using digital camera in Russia, phone camera was always there.
As autumn is also non-officially here, there's nothing to do, just scroll back to summer photos. I will try to post not so many pictures at a time, but do it more often :)

wonderful day, wonderful sky

friends' frantik :)

I had 2nd floor for myself

our old beloved house


it's a small pond with fountain

my aunt loves flowers, so our cottage area is very beautiful and full of different kinds