keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2012


The one and only city I have visited in Wallonia, a french speaking part of Belgium, is Liege. My first visit to this city was very quick and this time we had a plan to visit flea market, museum and walk around. There is a famous railway station, but outside city centre so we did not see it.
In the tourist office we figured out that there is no flea market that day and headed to the photography museum. On the way we found a nice shop with buffet and took some food to eat outside.
The museum was closed and we had an hour to sit in the park nearby, watching ducks and other birds.
Photography museum is an old big building reminding someone's mansion. We spent around 3 hours exploring an international exhibition with photographs and videos.
Next hours we were walking around, doing some shopping and having a dinner before going back home.
Liege is not like small Flemish towns, it's a big city and it reminds me more of Brussels. I don't like big cities, for me, small, cute and cosy towns are more attractive :)

photography museum 

i look like a maniac :D i just like cute little bunnies <3 

surprise <3