maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

antique tongeren

Although I have already visited tongeren, we went there on sunday morning together. We missed the morning bus from hasselt, but it was charming to walk through the empty town centre. They say, in tongeren, there is a biggest antique market in Europe, so why not to check it? Can't say it is the biggest, but at least there are several spots located throughout tongeren, an ideal place to buy nice furniture. I started to dream about my own cafe and what would I buy from the market.
The weather was nice this time and we walked around a little and started to look for a place to eat. Don't know how much time did it take to finally come back to the chinese restaurant and wait for it to open. It was a total different story. We ordered meals and when the waitress brought them, I had a moment of disappointment, because there was so little food on the plate. After a while, the waitress brought two different big plates of food and I thought, now I'm gonna be full like never before :D Full and happy we went to the Gallo-Roman museum and I spent a couple hours with reading and drinking mint tea, while waiting.
Movie date was a perfect ending of the day. Kinepolis in Hasselt is not like Plevna in Tampere. It is bigger, more modern and a better quality 3D. A bit surprising was a 10 min break in the middle of the movie, but if you're out of popcorn, it is a good opportunity to buy some more. Road home on 1 bike and straight to bed. Next stop - Brugge!!!

perjantai 20. huhtikuuta 2012

first stop: brussels

We met in Brussels. Everything went not according the plan, but it was even better. He couldn't catch the last train to Hasselt and stayed in Bxl. Next day we spent there and it was so strange to see him alive, although we spoke on skype every day. It was like meeting a new person.
Right before he came, it was almost summer and it was short. Cold weather is not the best friend of a traveler. Main square, little second hand shops, great restaurant and the best experience in Brussels so far.
We went to the movie theatre Cinematek. They have a small museum, which is so fascinating. We were inspired already before the movie. So in this theatre they show old, black and white and silent movies. We chose a silent movie from 1924 "The Last Laugh" by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Unfortunately the introduction to the movie was in French/Dutch, so I understood only few words. It was a silent movie accompanied by piano and no words needed! It was wonderful and unforgettable. I'll try to visit Cinematek every time I go to Brussels. At least I did it the next time I went to visit my friends. :)

murki on the Grote Markt

mushroom vege cutlet

our new favorite seitan <3

murki kiss

murki in the train

good morning, hasselt

lauantai 14. huhtikuuta 2012

come take a walk

Small post before i come to my week of travelling around Belgium.
I finally started to eat vegetables from the market again. I dunno why, but I feel it's been a while since I last ate any. I also forgot how cheap it is to purchase food from the market, so it was a double excitement.
I went to an antique/flea market here in Hasselt, bought nothing, but wanted to if I stay for the rest of my life here. In search of something yummy and sweet, I found a new pastry shop, where they sell marvelous pastries. I always try a new cafe or a shop or a restaurant here in order to taste different things.
I got very good news from a library - my card was ready. I took the book I've been reading for a couple of times I visited there, and I like it very much. It is "A year in the world" By Francis Mayes. It is about living in different parts of the world with tasting the culture, the food and the lifestyle of each place. Francis Mayes is also an author of "Under the Tuscan Sun". I haven't read the book, but the movie I can watch all over again. I like her style and it makes me wanna go somewhere, live somewhere. I'm actually living somewhere now, so it is a wonderful opportunity I have now and I should appreciate it more.

best!? dessert I've ever tasted

torstai 12. huhtikuuta 2012

seek and you will find

Random photos from random places. I know I don't like to take photos when I'm in a rush somewhere/not alone, so from Antwerp and Liege i got only couple of them. I went to visit my fellow students,  cause they were staying in Antwerp for an intensive programme. If I would have known, that I'm gonna study only 2 days a week, i would have took part in this programme too.
So Antwerp is a nice big city, with great shopping possibilities and a wonderful vegetarian restaurant. It is also beautiful and interesting place, but It was cold to walk a lot, so we spent most of the time shopping and having couple of beers after that.
Next trip was to Liege. It was organized by school, of course not mine, and we visited chocolate factory on the way. Just like in a school trip we were divided into groups and in Liege we had to follow the map and the answer questions. At first I thought it's gonna be interesting. In the end it was more like running around the city with no chance to stop and even take a proper photo.
Hasselt feels like a small town so it's nice to travel around Belgium




now i know how my dog is gonna look like <3


tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012


March it was. Not warm enough yet, but we wanted to escape from Hasselt and go somewhere. Leuven is a 40min away student town. It is very beautiful and interesting, so i'm just waiting for sun and warmth to come and i'm definitely going back to just sit in the park and enjoy my time. M museum was a place to stop by. It was strange to see a photographer and camera men outside, so i was wondering what is happening...There was a contest between artists to get an exhibition place in the museum. It took several floors, several themes, several hours to see whole collection there. Museums are physically exhausting, like shopping, so after some walking around and waiting for any place to open (most restaurants are open 11.30-14.30;18-21), it was dinner time and train back home. I think i should go there soon ;)

someday i'm gonna fly away