perjantai 20. huhtikuuta 2012

first stop: brussels

We met in Brussels. Everything went not according the plan, but it was even better. He couldn't catch the last train to Hasselt and stayed in Bxl. Next day we spent there and it was so strange to see him alive, although we spoke on skype every day. It was like meeting a new person.
Right before he came, it was almost summer and it was short. Cold weather is not the best friend of a traveler. Main square, little second hand shops, great restaurant and the best experience in Brussels so far.
We went to the movie theatre Cinematek. They have a small museum, which is so fascinating. We were inspired already before the movie. So in this theatre they show old, black and white and silent movies. We chose a silent movie from 1924 "The Last Laugh" by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Unfortunately the introduction to the movie was in French/Dutch, so I understood only few words. It was a silent movie accompanied by piano and no words needed! It was wonderful and unforgettable. I'll try to visit Cinematek every time I go to Brussels. At least I did it the next time I went to visit my friends. :)

murki on the Grote Markt

mushroom vege cutlet

our new favorite seitan <3

murki kiss

murki in the train

good morning, hasselt

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Maria kirjoitti...

awww...murki are so sweet :) <3 the sky on the last photo is awesome ;)

arja niemi kirjoitti...

:)))) the sky is different everyday here!