torstai 12. huhtikuuta 2012

seek and you will find

Random photos from random places. I know I don't like to take photos when I'm in a rush somewhere/not alone, so from Antwerp and Liege i got only couple of them. I went to visit my fellow students,  cause they were staying in Antwerp for an intensive programme. If I would have known, that I'm gonna study only 2 days a week, i would have took part in this programme too.
So Antwerp is a nice big city, with great shopping possibilities and a wonderful vegetarian restaurant. It is also beautiful and interesting place, but It was cold to walk a lot, so we spent most of the time shopping and having couple of beers after that.
Next trip was to Liege. It was organized by school, of course not mine, and we visited chocolate factory on the way. Just like in a school trip we were divided into groups and in Liege we had to follow the map and the answer questions. At first I thought it's gonna be interesting. In the end it was more like running around the city with no chance to stop and even take a proper photo.
Hasselt feels like a small town so it's nice to travel around Belgium




now i know how my dog is gonna look like <3


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