tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012


March it was. Not warm enough yet, but we wanted to escape from Hasselt and go somewhere. Leuven is a 40min away student town. It is very beautiful and interesting, so i'm just waiting for sun and warmth to come and i'm definitely going back to just sit in the park and enjoy my time. M museum was a place to stop by. It was strange to see a photographer and camera men outside, so i was wondering what is happening...There was a contest between artists to get an exhibition place in the museum. It took several floors, several themes, several hours to see whole collection there. Museums are physically exhausting, like shopping, so after some walking around and waiting for any place to open (most restaurants are open 11.30-14.30;18-21), it was dinner time and train back home. I think i should go there soon ;)

someday i'm gonna fly away

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