maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2012

the day i fell in love with leuven

It was a wonderful, warm and sunny day. I went to Leuven early in the morning to explore it a little bit more than during the first visit. It was nice to arrive when the city was quiet and only starting to wake up. I decided to walk along the canal through Leuven and it was my adventure for the day. I felt like on a scavenger hunt, but I didn't need to find something, it was just finding the road and views on the canal. It is not a really beautiful, big canal with picturesque views. For me, it is charming, romantic, cryptic and mystereous.

I walked a lot, found cute hidden gardens and bridges, visited Botanic garden, ate in the park, enjoyed the sun, made some shopping. It was a day full of emotions and happiness. After walking along the canal, it was the Botanic garden's turn. I was surprised. The garden is marvellous, a piece of heaven in Leuven with great atmosphere, beautiful flowers, birds and trees. I was already so happy about my trip and decided to make a lunch break and relax and headed to the centre.

On the way I found another "piece" of canal and started to take pictures and videos and noticed a small bridge and realised I need to get to it. I tried to find a way to the bridge from one side and didn't succeed. I took some more photos and went back on the road to the centre. After a little walk I saw a nice garden of some school and entered it.  Deep in my mind I was hoping to find the way to that bridge I wanted to get so badly. I asked from one man if he knows how to get there and he just showed me the way! I was really excited and a little nervous. I thanked him and walked slowly to the bridge. I really felt like I was in a fairy tale and a wonderful feeling of discovering something mysterious.

I took some Chinese food to the park and relaxed on the grass, as I was pretty tired of all the walking I did in the morning. Next stop was a hidden garden, which was nice, but I felt it wasn't what I was looking for, so I just continued my way along the canal. Then I found a small hidden garden with frogs and little pond. I made several videos in Leuven and I hope, someday I will be able to combine them. Some more pictures, some more canal and I decided to head back to the centre, make some shopping before all stores close and went back to the train station to leave Leuven happy and satisfied.

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