lauantai 20. lokakuuta 2012

no hurries, no worries

I'm still alive and pretty much happy. I'm now on a vacation and it's already ending. Two months and it's winter holidays time. Most of the shops started to sell Christmas stuff and it is not so bad to create the presents beforehand. I have some pictures left from my exchange in belgium, i've just got stuck with them and have problems with computer, so editing pictures is impossible.

When i'm not posting anything for a long time, i feel worried and now i am :D I got an Iphone as a birthday present, which was a long time ago in July. It served me as another method to tell about my everyday life. Thanks to Instagram I could share my view on the world. Again, I have a lot of pictures of food, but also small things around me that are beautiful and cute.
I like to reread my blog, just to remembrer what happened a year ago, and what changed as without it I wouldn't remember these things. This is the first time I use my phone for writing a post, but I hope it will increase number of posts and before my computer is repaired, I could save some memories and pictures through this way.

Here are some pictures of what I did since I got the phone :)
celebrated birthday in a restaurant
celebrated birthday with friends
visited my hometown in russia

visited summer cottage in russia
passed by my school in petrozavodsk
enjoyed summer in tampere
ate breakfast
spent a week at parents home looking after this model

discovered a delicious mozzarella salad place
made a cake
played with phone
visited tampere happening day
participated in competitions

attended intensive course in tallinn
bought my first bed. it took 4 hours to build it
had a girls night at my place
visited turku
ate great indian food at New Swagath, very delicious!!!
visited summer cottage in autumn
made a cream soup today

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