keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2012

mama came home

My mum paid a visit to me and we had a tight schedule, although she stayed for a week with me. She is my soulmate, at least in loving indian food :D We went 2 times to eat lunch at New Swagath and one time we used a giftcard at Gopal.
Restaurant Gopal turned 15 this year and they arranged a photo competition with a prize - a giftcard for 2 lunches. During my first visit I took some pictures and decided to take a chance in it. It was such a nice surprise in the morning to get an e-mail telling I'm the winner. I knew my mum was coming, so decided to use it with her.
We also went several times to second hand shops, visited my brother, and just stayed at home. On Saturday there was a Restaurant Day and we went through at least 6 pop up restaurants. We tried nepalese food and dutch waffles; listened beatles while eating feta/spinach pie; ate raw chocolate, cupcakes and oven chevre/beetroot potato; drank glögi and watched movies with chaplin. I also gave an interview about a restaurant day :D This time we visited more place and ate much more food.
Mum and I watched The Notebook. It was 3rd time for me and mum's first. It is still very beautiful, romantic and great movie to cry over :)
It was great to have mum. She is very supportive, caring and loving <3

I have good friends :P

winner's photo

food at New Swagath

Vegekahvila Chaplin, RD
tampere from above, RD

at Gopal

Dress - Zara Kids :)

tortilla <3

oven potatoes from window, RD

cream soup by mum

nepalese food, RD

2 sisters

Beatles ja piirakkaa, RD
salty and sweet cupcakes, RD

christmas time  opening parade...

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