maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013


I spend a lot of time at home. I'm a homey type. My flat is 16,5m² and I'm so happy about it, it's perfect! It's great to live in such a small place, as my expectations about my next flat are 
not going to be so high. There is no need in large area, as long as it is on the main street. For now, living in the centre is more important than living closer to nature. While I have this chance, I take it. When I first saw this apartment, I liked it so much. It is hard to live in it during summer, because it's very hot. On the other hand, I can go to the "terrace" from my window 
and take sun or just sit in the evening and enjoy weather. 
I started to think about my current flat, cause one day I searched for studio apartment in Helsinki and found out they are sooo expensive. Yeah, sure, I live in a student apartment and pay 300€, which includes water, electricity, internet, sauna and laundry. Flats I found in Helsinki were 600-700€ and most of them don't include any of these. Well, it's good to be a student :D
One week of studies behind. New courses, new assignments and new students. Seems like it's my last spring in TAMK, at least I hope so and I will try to enjoy it every moment. I dunno, but I feel something's gonna change this year and I'm looking forward to face it. Here are some things from my beloved apartment and some moments from last days.

I found it in the basement, almost thrown away. it is so me <3

I <3 accessories

a skirt I bought today :)

one sunny day I visited my parents

happy wintery me

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