perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2013

somebody I used to know

Last photos from last year. New Year was fabulous, fun and sweet. I celebrated it with my friend's family. We had a lot of food, different competitions, talks and great time. At 22.00 we went to see fireworks and waited 10 minutes for it to start. Meanwhile, we celebrated New Year, as it has already started in Russia. Fireworks were wonderful and magical. I felt like a little girl living in a fairy tale and even shed a tear of happiness. After this show we came back home and continued eating and having good time. We met friends later and all in all it was a great New Year's Eve. On Tuesday I realised that it's my last week before studies start and was shocked how quickly time has passed. My last days and I'll be back studying. It's my last year and I am planning to graduate by the end of the year. I don't have so much time to decide whether I want to stay in Tampere or move somewhere....I don't know yet :)
So here are photos from last year, from now on, new photos, new things and hopefully new skills. It's not that I wrote some resolutions, but I keep them in mind ;)
from the surprise birthday we organized

xmas lights

xmas at my parent's place

new year's eve

new year

wish everyone love, peace and happiness

happy new year

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