torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

slow it down

What? Already end of January? I'm not ready that time goes so fast. Not that I'm against spring and summer. I'm fine with winter, as long as I can stay home :D Actually it's a pity I don' walk so much now. During summer it's so easy just to go out, go anywhere without any purpose. I just remembered my bike ride from last summer. The weather was wonderful and I just rode a bike all by myself, listening to the Crash, I think it was "Ponyride", it was a marvelous sunset and I thought that life, summer and this moment is sooooo wonderful and great and I felt so happy. This memory is warming me up and bit by bit I start to feel spring in my bones. I won't be surprised that actual spring would come only in the end of April here, but it does not matter now.
There is also another flashback that I keep on remembering every year. I used to listen music all the time, especially while sitting in a bus. When I studied at college, I had to switch two buses and had enough time to listen through my cds. I just remember listening music, smiling because of spring, sun coming out and temperature becoming higher. Now, If I have some kind of winter depression, I just know that spring comes and everything will change, everything will be brighter and happy feelings will arise again. I don't know, maybe I changed and even winter does not seem so horrible anymore. I try to find nice and positive aspects of this period. I feel more happy all the time. It is so easy to be happy. We just have enormous amount of happiness inside and it's incredible we don't see it all the time. It is enough not only for ourselves, but for others to share with. I just wish to open this door and give everything I have for people in any possible way. Sounds like a plan :)
During this time I managed to go to the movies with dad for the first time. We went to see Hobbit, at last. I'm not a fan, but I like books very much, I'm more Tolkien's fan than all these movies' fan. We had great time and enjoyed the movie.
On Friday we visited Matka Trade Fair in Helsinki with our school and I got some interesting brochures and even a tattoo there. It's only a fake one, but it looked so real on the picture, I started to consider of taking a real one (that's hardly possible :D)
On Mondays I have Adventure tourism course at uni and we went ice skating on a lake, it was strange, funny and interesting. I didn't even fall! :) Next week we are going downhill skiing, I'm already afraid of this trip.
Most of the time I concentrate on studying now and I hope to walk more, to visit museums/galleries every friday and it would be great to visit some nice concert too.

raw avokado/banana cake from the saladbar <3

got tattooed 

I <3 flowers


näsijärvi path

always a good combination 

tampere <3

at Matka Trade Fair


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