perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2012

enjoy what you do

Time goes slowly here, especially as i had a holiday week. I have a chance to visit swimming pool every day at certain hours, so i wrote down the schedule and went there. Finally i have an opportunity to swim! I hate running, although i decided to do that as well. I discovered a library here and waiting for my card to come later. I fell in love with its amount of books about art, photography and design. Next time i'm gonna try to find books in English or even in Russian ;)

We had a night out in a restaurant with a big group. It was kind of Asian style with starters buffet and wok, for which you can choose ingredients by yourself. Nice and tasty, still not enough sauce for me :D

I eat a lot of vegetables here. Every tuesday and friday there is a market with vegetables and fruits and many more. I bought mushrooms and paprika last week and still have them in my fridge.
Small walks around the town every now and then and some more pictures from my life here :)

tea moment at famous Boon


wok from vegetables and mushrooms

market place and moby dick :D

with brie, cashew and honey <3

one moment - hail, another - sun! welcome to belgium

raw champignon, avokado, paprika, cucumber, tomato

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