sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2012

new country, new life

From now on, i'm gonna write in english, as my exchange adventures have already started. Yesterday was a really long and exhausting day. Flight from Tampere to Riga after sleepless night, whole day on foot. As in Riga was too cold to walk, i just bought a movie ticket and spent 2 hours for a boring movie.

First impression of Brussels Airport: BIG! After Tampere airport this one is huge and i was lost at some point, as  i didn't know where to pick up luggage. All in all, i have prepared all my tickets and maps, so i got safely to the hostel and went to sleep almost right away.

Today i woke up and it took me couple of hours to prepare myself for a walk. Thanks to the airbaltic magazine, i found an exhibition of photographs in one museum, so it was a plan for today, but first i had to eat something, so i just went straight.

I couldn't resist shop windows with belgian waffles, so i just went insight one of the places
this man made me my first belgian waffle <3

and here it is, with chocolate, nam
After delicious breakfast, good time to walk around
santa claus after christmas season

street photographer

cafe leffe

take a bath
After buying a map, i had to find this museum "Bozar". My favorite part was a documentary about the artist, it was so inspirational, that i want to make a movie on my own now :D

 The weather was great, at least the sun was shining.

I started to feel hunger and realized that all the food places are closed, so went back to the more touristic area and on the way i found

There is a restaurant street, it reminds me italy, when waiters are inviting to eat at their restaurant. Although it would have been nice to eat something belgian again, i was too hungry, tired and frozen, so went to eat asian noodles. It was really nice, but too much, as i ordered a soup too.
sweet and sour soup
curry tofu noodles

Full and happy i just went to one shop and that's how i spent next few hours and of course bought something, but all that stuff later, really tired once again. Tomorrow - check out, some time in brussels and in the evening - a train to hasselt!!!

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