tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

settling down...for a while

My second day in Brussels. Walking a lot, flea market with a lot of interesting stuff (such a pity i can't take any furniture with me..), eating delicious food...again :D and everything without a camera, totally forgot the memory card at the hostel.
In the evening, with my two heavy suitcases, i traveled by train to Hasselt and with help of google maps, found my student apartment.
As today i didn't have any classes, exploring the city and university was my goal. Once again walking (in comparison with Finland, i walk a lot here) around my cute, small and cosy city. At least for now, i like it a lot and this time i accidentally found a great restaurant and fell in love with it and food i tasted there. I feel like thinking all the time about food, but it gives me so much emotions and mostly positive, so i like to take pictures of something i liked :)
hostel in brussels:

 on the way to school:


hasselt special mousse

Tomorrow are first classes! :)

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