keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

hasselt and i like it

So it's been over a week since i've arrived to Hasselt and i had enough time to do many things. I got familiar with the city even more, received some tips about this town and where should i travel in Belgium or abroad. I like that everything is so near and Paris is only 3 hours away! Holland is in a hour ride and there are also a lot of places to visit in Belgium as well. I had classes in my Uni and found out that i'm the only one studying tourism this semester (max there is one boy, but i'm not sure about him). I get personal teaching! At first i was terrified and confused, but my teacher is amazing! She helped me more than any coordinator and she is really, nice, friendly and helpful. I like that she shares experiences from her own life, so it's even more interesting to listen her.

As for the studies, i took tourism courses and journalism courses: about EU and television journalism. For this week i have only 3 days of contact lessons and i can say that i have a loooot of free time. That's why i started to plan what should i do, where to go and so on. At least i found swimming pool that is free at certain hours for students and already went there. I consider taking Dutch, maybe a little bit later. Already next week we have holidays, so i feel more like i'm on a holiday all the time, but for a longer period.

I live in a student house, so in my own room with a sink. Toilets/showers are on a each floor and we have a common kitchen,a tv room and a very bad internet. First days it was really hard to adjust to this slow internet, but i got used to it.
I met some exchange students, living in the same building with me. We have been to a pub and bowling together. Further we are planning to travel around and go to a restaurant and dunno what else is waiting us in the future.
The weather now is's warm, but because of rain and wind it feels very uncomfortable, so most of my evenings i spend at home. There is no laundry possibility in Studho, but there are common laundry services around the town.
Hasselt is a small cosy city with a lot of restaurants, cafes, clothing shops and students. I like it here so far, i just wish the weather would be better.
As always, a lot of pictures, cause i'm lazy to post continuously :D

first belgian "beer", it was a cherry flavour, so i wouldn't call it a beer

come and pour, i took olive oil with basil and some other herbs

oil&vinegar shop, very nice!

taste and bring home

exchange students out :)

vege burger <3

i found vegetarian sausage <3

common laundry

something new for me - bread machine!

also something new for me - hot chocolate with a teacher in a cafe!

you get a stick with chocolate, put it into hot milk and start to stir...mmm!

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Liudmila Niemi kirjoitti...

The pictures are beautiful.

Maria kirjoitti...

So happy that you are getting these nice experiences abroad ;) and nice pictures :) we're missing you here :*

love and other drugs kirjoitti...

thank u, dears. i miss u too my finnish friends <3